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Friday, June 20, 2008


I need a vacation! Truthfully, I want to have a once a month vacation =P If only my financial let me huhu I love to travel! To see how other races live, to experience the city & the villages, to take a walk through the historical and scenic places - I simply love discovering & trying new things, places & everything! Counting days to my nearest vacation tho it's not far & there's not so much mileage to count but it'll be a new experience for me! I'll be watching the Beauty & The Beast Broadway Musical Show!! Seronoknya!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Financial Freedom

How to gain financial freedom?

Basic (facts that everyone knew but not many practice including myself *sigh*)

1) To put aside a portion of your income as your monthly saving
2) Be frugal in your spending and wise in planning your buying & investment

According to wikipedia,financial freedom is a point in life when you do not need to work for money anymore. Oh, how we all love to achieve that! Imagine a world where nobody needs to worry about making ends meet anymore. Every whimsical needs can be easily fulfilled. Wow, it's too far fetched, eh?

BUT, in reality, in a situation and conditions human are in right now, secretly I'm thankful that we need to face all the difficulties in gaining the financial freedom that we dream of. Without all the hardships, we will never learn to truly appreciate the value of hard work, commitment and life experiences that comes with it. I'm not denying that if you are born into wealth, it's lucky for you. BUT if you do not learn to appreciate the value of your wealth in a constructive manner, eventually the wealth is wasted and you would end up as broke as anybody else.

Yes, not all list MONEY as their #1 drive in life as there are things that money can't buy. Health, Happiness, Longevity & Knowledge (you are welcome to add more) All 4 need to be obtained by itself in ways you determined for yourself. As for me, I think knowledge is most powerful as it can get you anywhere and help you in many ways possible. Happiness balance your state of mind as well as your emotions. As for health, it is irreplaceable and is essential to life. Longevity is gain by taking care of your health and of yourself.

However,putting things into perspective again, gaining financial freedom that you dream of do help to satisfy all your material needs, right?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm Here

Hola! Now i got my own! =)